Toyfare U.S. Exclusive Translucent Shining Gundam  
Translucent Gundams?  

Several different Gundam MSIA (4.5 inch Mobile suit in action) figures have gotten the translucent treatment including the RX-78 Gundam and the Wing Gundam. So far all of these have been “exclusive” releases in the Asian market.  

They invariably end up on eBay, where U.S. collectors pay a fortune for them.

Until now every exclusive translucent figure has only been available to the Asian market. The U.S. toy magazine Toyfare, which is known for offering exclusive versions of U.S. toys, is currently offering a translucent version of the Shining Gundam.

 Having said all that, the figure itself is pretty nice, but exactly like the much cheaper Shining Gundam that you can get at Walmart.  So why is it important? Because it’s the first exclusive figure to be offered in the U.S. and I'll shell out the extra cash to show Bandai that Americans like exclusives too. Hell, I bought two of them!  -Brad