The Lost Zakus: Forgotten MSIA.

I stumbled across a set of five bootleg Zakus on eBay. These are the only bootleg MSIA figures I've seen, so I had to have them. When I got them I started to wonder about the color and choice of molds the bootlegers used. Could these have been based on Mobile Suits from the show?

After hours of painstaking research, I found that these were representations of Mobile Suits that were too obscure to be included in mainstream Gundam cannon. So here they are, the lost Zakus!

Carl “The hit man” Del' Mar's Zaku:
Carl was asked to create his own signature “colored” Zaku as an ace pilot. Carl, being slightly more intelligent then your average ace pilot, decided to make his signature “colored” Zaku only slightly different then a standard Zaku. He was quoted as saying “Red? White? Hell no. If I wanted to paint a bulls-eye on my suit I would just do it.”

Jonnie Riddan’s High Mobility Zaku:
Jonnie wasn’t a very good pilot, but was always being confused with Johnny Ridden, so he got his own High Mobility Zaku. He went further by painting it in a bright red-orange that could be confused with Johnny's High Mobility Zaku. He was killed in action facing down an unarmed Ball when he inadvertently hit the self-destruct switch.

Larry Wilcox’s High Mobility Zaku:
Larry was an ace pilot, but a really lousy commander. Many of his decisions got folks killed. His Zaku was painted blue and white because he wanted to resemble one of the Tri-Star Zakus. He was fond of saying “No Guts, no glory” his troops were known for saying “Ahhaaay, I’m hit, I’m hit…..”He was later killed by friendly fire during a training exercise. .

Tony Smith’s “EUROSPORT” High Mobility Zaku:
Tony took the idea of “customizing “ his High Mobility Zaku a little too far. The exterior was painted white with gold trim, the inside was tricked out with: an “eight-ball shifter”, small “chain” steering wheel, chrome” barefoot” foot petals and a kick ass sound system. Unfortunately the heat generated by his subwoofers caused the Zaku’s reactor to melt down.

Char’s “ Pink Comet” Zaku:
Char’s original Zaku before he was promoted. Senior Zeon officials let him keep the mask and cape, but thought that his Pink colored Zaku was a little too “out-of-the-closet” for a commanding officer. Char reluctantly switched to a Red Command Zaku and started calling himself “The Red Comet”. This explains the pink tint to his “Red Comet” command Zaku.

All in all they are pretty crappy boots. Poor paint, arms and legs that pop off, poor mold lines and some of the worst colors you've ever seen. I love them!-Brad