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Why Gaijin?
Gaijin: A savage, barbarian, foreigner, and westerner. A derogatory term used by the Japanese for any westerner. Now that you know what a Gaijin is, you are probably wondering why I would call a column on Japanese toys, Gaijin. 

It's because I am a Gaijin. 

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Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade 

I don't normally review anime in this column unless it directly relates to Japanese toys, however I had to make an exception for this movie. 

While Jin-Roh does have a few action figures released in Japan it is by no means an action figure friendly movie. However, Jin-Roh is relevant here as it is one of a handfuls of anime movies that have been released for audiences over the age 15 here in the US. 

No fancy Kung-Fu, no Giant Robots, no Giant Monsters, no teenage heroes, just a good story with good animation.    


The date is now, the setting modern day Japan, but something has changed. While the movie only hints at the history, it's still pretty easy to make out. Seems in this world the Germans won WWII and turned on their Japanese alias. The movie mentions "after the occupation" ,and I take that to mean that they Germans were the occupiers. All of the cars, guns and uniforms are German. 

Brad Walker collects American and Japanese action figures, customizes them, and "hangs out" by sitting on the hood of a car drinking Colt.45 at his local Dairy Queen parking lot. "Gai-Jin" is what he calls himself, but most folks call him "white trash". You can reach him at gaijin@zappowbang.com if he can get his PC to work, and if he's in a good mood he will reply. 
You can also visit his custom action figure site here: http://members.tripod.com/~bwalk06/. For "big ass robot shampoo bottles (Shogun Warriors)" go here: http://members.tripod.com/~bwalk06/shogun/.

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