15 Inch "Bootleg" EVA's 

Wow, looks like pokemon made by H.R. Geiger!  Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most whacked-out Giant robot stories in anime. The Giant robots are called “EVA’s” and are more monster then machine having been created using genetic material from the monsters (called “Angels”?) in the anime.  That and the pilots that enter into the EVA’s complain of the entrance pugs smelling like blood. Did I mention that they sometimes go berserk, killing and eating the fallen monsters?

Just got a full set of these including: 00 Blue, 01 Purple, 02 Red, 03 Black, 04 Grey and 05 White.  The real star of the show and my favorite figure is 01. She’s (Yes I said She) is the only EVA created using genetic material from the 2nd angel named Lilith, the rest took material from the 1st angel named Adam. She’s prone to moving on her own without any human control, going berserk and generally being an all around badass.

I have to admit that these things are really cool at 15" inches (about 13" head height) they tower over my DX Gundams. The Cardback that they come on is almost 2ft tall! 

On the “con" side, they have fixed "karate chop" type hands that can't hold their weapons, but then again the weapons are a little too small. Although too small (they are better scaled to 8”-9” figures) they do come with tons of weapons including : guns, knives, spears and axes.  I was able to make them hold the weapons by using a little trick of wrapping the handles in the twist ties that hold the figures in, then you just wedge them into the figures hand.


However the details and articulation of these figures more then make up for it. They have 2 neck joints that allow the head to move forward and down, giving them that "H.R.Geiger alien look". They also have jointed jaws that allow you to pose them with mouth open or closed and jointed knee plates that move independently of the knee joint.  Throw in ball-jointed ankles and hips and you get fairly poseable figure. The paint detail is amazing and each is pretty much accurately marked (01 is marked "EVA 01 TEST" and 02 is marked "EVA 02 Product").  They are really high quality for bootleg figures and more importantly they are huge! I recommend them highly on the merits of the figures themselves, and even higher if you’re an Evangelion fan. 

I got the whole set at:

It was a good deal and Dan is a great guy to deal with.