U.S. 12 inch Shining Gundam 

US shining Gundam Has 2 beam swords, one long and one short!

I picked the new G Gundam 12 inch DX Shining Gundam up the week before I went out of town and was in no real hurry to open it. I didn't really have any burning desire to hurry up and open the Shining Gundam as at one time I had the 12" DX Japanese version and wasn't really impressed with it. I eventually sold the original Japanese one. After getting back in town I opened it the new U.S. version.  Much to my surprise this is the best U.S. DX so far!

US shining Gundam Normal mode and spring activated Super mode!

The best thing is that no matter how I posed him he didn't have trouble standing and he didn't loose any pieces. My U.S. Wing DX is top heavy and has trouble standing in a lot of poses. Unlike my U.S. Wing DX (skirt armors pop off) or my GP-01 (leg armor pops off) or my GP-02 (shoulders don't rotate!) he is completely pose able.

  US shining Gundam vs. Japanese God Gundam!

Bandai also took the time to improve the figure over the original version sold only in Japan. The improvements are:

1)     Core lander has more sculpt and paint detail, The Japanese just had stickers

2) Arm, leg and shoulder guards that transform into "Super mode" are spring loaded. Japanese version was not.

3) U.S. version has added panel lines to the face for better detail.

4) U.S. version has hands with a first and second knuckle joint, jointed thumb and the index finger can move independent of the other fingers. The Japanese version had only one knuckle joint and the index finger was fused to the others.


  US shining Gundam Towers over the U.S. Gp-01!

Overall it's well worth $25-$30 and by far the best U.S. DX figure so far.