Great Mazinger Popy V1 (AKA: Tall Head Mazinga)

Will wonders ever cease. I had seen pictures of this very rare Great Mazinger in Gangu Jinsei #2 and never imagined that I would get my hands on one.

This version was produced by popy for the very first run of the Great Mazinger Jumbo Machinders and was then replaced by the more common "short head" that was used in the 1st version Mattel Mazinga as well as the 2nd version popy Great Mazinger. Rumor has it that the tall head was made so that the Die-cast Brain Condor (little red head ship)would fit into the head. As I don't have one of the Die-cast Brain Condors I will have to just assume that it would.

I thought " Tall headed sounds goofy, I'll call him just Tall Mazinga." I stood him up next to a mattel Version 1 Mazinga to tell the difference in the heads and found out he was only slightly taller. Seems this first run Mazinga had a taller head, but a shorter body. This blows my theory that the popy Version 1 (tall head) and version 2 (short head) were the same except for the head. Seems the bodies were different as well.

Note that in these pictures I have Red/Black Missiles on his sholders rather then Red/White. This is just because I had them laying around at the time, they are from the ZZ-2 accesory set and did not come with him. He came with the standard long fin Red/White missiles.

I got him from a collector in Italy who purchased him from Japan. He is in no way mint. He was missing one sword, and all his missiles. As for the Jumbo itself, he has a small crack in his red chest V, paint rubs on his head and a name in Japanese (Kanji) written in black ink on the back of the Brain Condor.

I plan to "fix him up" with Unifive (reproduction/reissue) missile clips, Missiles and Jet Pack/Wings (he didn't come with Jet Pack/Wings originaly. It was sold seperatly. But it looks very good on him).

I also plan to do a part by part examination of him compared to the Popy version 2 and Mattel Version 1 to see where he differs in body size and shape. Look for it soon.

So far he has been my favorite Mazinga. The head looks very cool and a little tougher. Once again, I own way too many Mazingas.


"I don't care what you say, Mom always liked you best."

"Piss off. Your Just jealous 'cause I got all the looks in the family."

" You do know I have a missile launcher?. I'am not above using it on you."

"I'm sooo scared. Get your hand off my ass!"