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I need to have all orders in as soon as possible as I have to pay for all of them at once. - Brad
Here is the list I have.
D-17 Bootlegs		

Chris Wiler 	paperflipper@yahoo.com	       1
philchung	philchung@ntlworld.com	       1
Dave	        goldorak@bellsouth.net	       2
Ebon Brown	nobeb@yahoo.com	               1
Scott Weaver	woodwardguy1@home.com	       1
machwing 	machwing@netzero.net 	       1
Lash Tan	jumbolashinder@yahoo.com.sg    1
Steve Taylor	rowdy72@mail.clis.com	       1
greci	        greci@austarnet.com.au	       1
Darrin Hiser	darrin.hiser@gottschalks.com   1
quang le	dino_bots@hotmail.com	       1
Kikaiju Jay	kikaiju_j@yahoo.com 	       2
Alex	        losangeleslush@yahoo.com       2
john 	        johnvonrapczak@yahoo.com       1