JumboLand! Sean Bonner's JUMBO LAND is the best Jumbo Machinder website out there. He has Jumbo profiles, and just about anything Jumbo Machinder you can think of.

ToyboxDX! ToyboxDX is the best place for Japanese toys. From Jumbo Machinders to Gundam,if ToyboxDX doesn't have the scoop nobody does.

Josh Bernard's Cybertoys. Josh is a great dealer and can get some wonderfull bootleg transformers.

Hobby Link Japan! Hobby Link Japan carriers Japanese toys at Japanese retal. Don't pay the mark up, buy from Hobby Link Japan. That's right all you have to pay extra is shipping. The best source fro newly released Japanese toys and models.

Cool Japanese Toys! Great place to get in the know. Also check out Tom Frank's articles on Knock-off Jumbo Machinders