Taiwan Knock off/ Bootleg Giant Gorg Jumbo review

Giant Gorg is not nearly as hard to find nor expensive as D-17. So a bootleg of him may not have as much appeal to Jumbo collectors. All things considered though, he is still a great looking bootleg. He comes with the same header card as D-17 and is made by the same folks.

He is Big, blue and does nothing. No shooting fists, no transformation, no missiles, no wheels on his feet and he has the articulation of rock. So why did I get him? Well, at half the price of the original he was a steal and most importantly he is the only jumbo that I know of that looks like a "real robo" robot. By "real robo" I mean robots that are used more like tanks or planes as compared to "Hero" and "transformer" robots. When looking at jumbo's most are of the "Heroic" type (Mazinger, Raydeen, Grendizer), "Transforming" type (Daimos, D-17) or "combinig" type (Combatra, Golion,Godmarz), but Gorg is of the "real Robo" type. In plain english HE LOOKS LIKE A GUNDAM!!!
Our friends in Taiwan felt the need to give him funky stickers like D-17 and they look kinda cool as the original giant gorg was just blue with blue stickers. Check out the picture below to see the bootleg and original side by side.

On the downside the Giant Gorg bootleg does not have any weight (sand) added to the feet, so he is more apt to fall over and he doesn't have any wheels, so you can't pull him on a rope like you did with your Shogun Dragun as a kid. The original also had light up eyes (used a AA battery)that the bootleg is missing. The plastic is thinner than the original and the bootlegers gave him funky stickers (I like the stickers, some don't).
Does any of this take away from him? No. In my opinion the funky stickers are much better than the original, the design (he is wider than other jumbos)makes him stand out on your shelf and he is probably the closest thing to a Gundam jumbo that collectors will ever get.