RX-79(G)(GS)"Gundam Sniper Custom
One of the things that really gets me about 08th MS team Gundam is that they have GMs (RGM-79)outfitted as snipers. The real problem is that the GM Snipers are required to be tethered to a support system that generates extra power for the massive sniper beam rifle and a cooling system to cool the suits reactors. Without this support the GM can make only one or two shots before the suit overheats and shuts down, making it useless. How do we fix that? Simple, ditch the GM (Yugo GT) base and use a Gundam (Corvette). The Gundam has a larger generator and could make 5-6 shots before overheating. Best part is that the Gundam can carry more weight then a GM, so he could, you guessed it, carry an external generator and cooling support unit. I am still modifying an RX-79(G)weapons storage container into this external generator and cooling support unit. I removed the head "V" as it looked cool and my logical explination is that it got in the way when aiming.