RX-79(G) and RX-79(G) Desert
It took me forever to figure out why the Desert 79 was shorter then the regular 79. Seems Bandai re-used the foot from the RGM-79(G)which is smaller (shorter) then the RX-79(G)'s foot. On a positive note the RX-79 (G) Desert has the same color body as the RGM-79(G) and uses the orange found on the RGM-79(G) rather then the Red of the RX-79(G), which means that you can use the RGM-79(G) shields (although they are tan and orange, where the RX-79 Deserts are Tan and Blue, but as the orange is used on the Feet and head of the RX-79 Desert the Tan and Orange shield looks just fine) on the RX-79(G) Desert to round out different teams (note as far as I can tell all of the Desert 79' come numbered 06 and don't have 01-09 like the RGM-79's.