Some customizers will tell you it's better
			to sew a new costume rather than try to alter an existing
			one. In most cases they are right, but sometimes its eaiser
			to alter an existing costume or costume part to fit your
Re-usable costume parts
DD, Vision, Cyclops, Wolverine...can all be reused with 
little or no sewing required. 

Thor, Vision, Magneto can all be used on other figures. 
They can also be used as an excellent source for fabric.
(example: my Kidflash costume was made with Thor and Vision 

Almost any FC boot can be reused. DD, Thor, Vision...can all 
be painted and used on other figures.
( example: my modern Flash has Thor boots painted yellow with
  the tops removed).
Vinyl boots, Cap, Hawkeye...can also be painted and re used.

Always save any extra vinyl. You never know when you can use
extra vinyl on your figures. 

Toxic Waste Gloves (rubber):
Can always be painted or used just as they are. How many heroes
do you know have Red (cap) gloves?

To dye or not to dye?
I have taken heat over dying FC costumes from other customizers,
but I still belive that it is an excellent way to use existing 
costumes and save sewing time. I have only used Black and Blue 
dye so far, I plan to experement in the future. I have had 
excellent results with the following costumes and parts.

DD suit
DD shorts
Mr. F suit
Sinister Suit

How to dye an FC costume:

You will need the following:
A coffee can
wooden dowl or spoon (do not use it for food afterwards)
RITT dye in a dark color
costume to dye

Fill the can 3/4 of the way with watter and place on a stove.
boil the water and stir in the dye. Wet the costume to be dyed
and slowly stir it into the dye bath. Reduce the heat and let 
simmer for 30 min, stiring every 5 min or so. After 30 min remove 
the costume using your wooden spoon. Through out the entire can 
and dyebath (make sure that you cover it well as it will hurt 
animals). Wash the costume in cold water in the sink. Let dry 
and your done. Note: Costume may discolor figure, but who's 
gonna see!