Welcome to the toy closet.
All My Jumbos, hard to tell but there are 16 in the pic.
All My Non-Mazinga Jumbos (was more, but I have condensed it to just my favorites)
All My Mazingas (note: for some reason I didn't put my custom one in the shot?)
Jumbos and Famous Covers figures living in harmony! Note the really cool Masterpeice 9" Batman at Mazingas feet and next to him the unfinished Red Tornado custom.
My Closet: Jumbos, Famous Covers, MSiA's (see the tiny Guntank!). Also note under the shelf behind the clothes is a rack for my Swords (Katanas, Tantos, boken)
Really neat idea my wife came up with to store custom figures, a clear plastic shoe holder. They stay neat, organized and out of reach of my dogs! Look at the top far right tucked in with the half finished Batman custom is a Wing Gundam MSiA custom I call "Devil Wing" that has large black, articulated batwings.
Last, a good look at my famous covers collection with my Jumbos removed. I don't keep them in the box to be MIB, but because the boxes are really cool and have trays that allow you to remove the figure and replace it without damage to the figure or box.
MIA from these photos, all my MSiA Gundam figures, about 12 custom Famous Covers figures, some bootleg gundams, loose Batman crap and a big box of custom Fodder.